Krajana Smoked Kielbasy

Double-smoked sausage made with chunks instead of ground pork. Great when served both cold and heated. 

Sold in packages approx. 1.6lb





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Smoked Kielbasa

What a difference from store bought. On the grill, added to black beans (my wife is from Brasil) or diced and added to pasta. Amazing. Have to cook some traditional way too with sauerkraut - just haven't gotten around to it yet.. Highly recommend!! Excellent!!!

Smoked Kielbasa

Maybe the best I've had! I had it delivered to St Pete Fl. I was in possession of the best ring of kielbasa in Florida when it it showed up. Ill be ordering more.


I knew that there had to be some real kalabasa some where and I just found it.


Closest we have tried yet to the wonderful tastes of Home