Sold in a one ring package, Kiszka or Kaszanka is the old fashioned sausage consisting of beef blood, barley and natural spices. It comes in natural casing in rings recognizable for its dark brown color. How to prepare Kiszka 1. Prepare a medium size saucepan, add a teaspoon of butter and chopped fresh onions, fry onions on a slow heat for couple minutes 2. Peel casing off Kiszka, slice into smaller pieces and add to onions. 3. Let Kiszka melt, move with a fork so it does not get burned. 4. Fry on slow heat for about 10 minutes stirring delicately. Keep frying a bit longer for crispy texture.                                                                                                                                                             

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I ordered three rings because I really like kiszka. I usually bake it and found the version of this Polish food to be very good. I did find it a little more peppery than I am used to but I love this anyway. Good job!

Love it!

Just love this Kiszka. I am a repeat customer. This is a great taste of HOME!


A great treat. Simply the best.

Kiszka Kiszka Blood Sausage

I have always loved blood sausage. I finally got my wife to try it, she was hesititant at first, so I put a fried egg of it and she loved it too.

The best Kiszka.

Baltimore's Polish deli's are becoming fewer in recent years and those that still exist carry kiszka that doesn't taste the same as the Ostrowski's deli I grew up with. S&D's Kiszka is the closest I've found in taste to what I liked. I'll be ordering more in the future.


Wonderful! Eat it almost everyday.

review of product

kiszka--delicious---even though I am in Ill---you have the best kiszka I have found any where else---as a little girl I ate it at my polish gamma`s house so it brings back lots of memories ty


Kiszka tastes just like I remember from my Polish neighborhood in Erie PA. Love it!!!