Hunter Kielbasy - Kielbasa Mysliwska - a double smoked kielbasy reachly seasoned with garlic and black pepper. Can be served cold or hot.Sold in packages apr.1.5 lb  


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Hunter sausage

Very good, highly recommended!!!

hunter sausage-Mysliwska

outstanding. I can't find them in this area.

Hunter Sausage

Outstanding!!!!!! As soon as I started to heat up the sausage, the kitchen was filled with a wonderful smoky aroma. Will definitely order again


just had the hunter kielbasi

We'll order again

Very delicious. The spices were just right. We'll definitely have them shipped again to us in TN where you can't get this sausage.

Hunter Keilbasi

Between my son and I, it lasted one day---it is excellent.

hunter sausage

This was my first order and was very gald I tried the hunter sausage, the smoked flavor was great and my wife wanted me to order more imediately.