White Borscht - Bialy Barszcz - hearty soup with delicious smoked kielbasy slices

Nothing will warm you up as this traditional Polish soup!

Sold in a quart container.






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white borscht

Wish it were a bit more sour. Otherwise love it.

almost like babci's

Her's was more fermented and wonderfully sour. This one is good but not quite sour enough.


my whole family loved it

Not what I expected...

The white borscht was absolutely delicious, although not what I expected. I have a bit of an aversion to onions, and when I saw that onion was one of the main ingredients, I paused before purchasing. However, the onion added to the flavor of the borscht, and didn't overwhelm it. Along with the bits of kielbasa in the soup, it made for bold, delicious flavor.