Black Forest Kielbasy - Kielbasa Lesna -  one of the most favorite kielbasy for serving as a cold cut. It has somehow chunky texture consisting of good quality lean pork. Dark casing makes the Forest Kilbasy look very actractive in slices. It can be served as a cold cut or it can be heated in water, fried, baked or grilled,  tastes great with sauer kraut and Sarepska Mustard.

Kielbasa Lesna is fully cooked, ready to eat as is, needs to be refrigerated.

Price per pound: $7.89

Sold in packages approx. 1.5lb





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Amazing Kielbasy

I purchased the Wedding Kielbasy while in Pittsburgh in Early October. This was amazing, and was the real deal!

Black Forest Kielbasy

Reminded me of JaJa's kielbasa.

Black Forest Kielbasy

Wife and daughters loved the Black Forest Kielbasy.

Time for a snadwich? Black Forest all the way

Try it on rye, white, hard Italian roll or ??? It's a great sandwich. I also had some heated with pasta in tomato sauce. Very good. Yep--Spaghetti and Kielbasa---any style really---it's great.