Fresh Polish Sausage

The most traditional of all the Polish Sausages. The best cuts of pork are combined with garlic, marjoram, salt and pepper to give you the flavor well known yet hard to find.

How to prepare Fresh Sausage

  1. If the kielbasa is frozen, thaw it a little. Place fresh kielbasa in pot Add enough warm water to cover. Bring up to boil.
  2. Cover and simmer on very LOW heat for about 20 - 30 minutes. Too rapid boiling may cause the sausage to burst. DO NOT prick sausages; they become dry. Also, try not to overcook – the sausage looses flavor and becomes too dry.
  3. After about half an hour of cooking sausage comes out moist and delicious, should be greish white in color and no pink while sliced open. The casing is natural and edible, however I like to remove it, it peels of easily.
  4. It tastes best served with a side of beets and horseradish or plain horseradish or horseradish cream. Some people like to replace horseradish with hot brown mustard.
  5. After boiling Fresh Sausage can be fried to crispy or browned on a grill. It tastes excellent with fried onions and crusty bread.
  6. Can be frozen after cooking.


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Fresh Sausage

Very Tasty

polish sauage

tastes just like I think it should DELICIOUS--and it was still frozen when it arrived all the way to Illinois--very nice job Keep up the good job you are doing>>>

polish sauage

delicious---just like gram`s great job would recommend to every one !!!!

Wow! This is delicious Polish Sausage

This was our first time ordering and it will not be our last. This sausage is the best we have had since Christmas at my Grandmother's 35 years ago. I never thought I'd find or beat the fresh polish sausage made in Buffalo, NY, but this has done it. Arrived on time for Christmas, was well packed, and loved by all! The biggest hit on our Christmas day brunch table. Thank you for the great service and tasty, wonderful product.

Fresh Polish Sausage

Excellent! I'm from Buffalo, NY and I am glad I found you. Any chance to get Easter blend with Marjoram in it next year?

Fresh Polish Sausage

This is by far the best fresh Polish sausage my family and I have enjoyed in a long time. It's nice to be able to order it online and get such prompt delivery. It reminded us of my grandmother's home made kielbasa of years gone by. Thank you.

Fresh Polish Sausage

Great flavor like I remember in Chicago. Broiled it after cooked to brown it. Ate it with cocktail sauce.

How We Remember

This polish sausage and pierogi are just like we remember . Many times things are just not as good as they used to be. We appreciate the flavor.