Polish Regular Kilebasy - Kielbasa Wiejska - made according to the traditional recipe. Pork seasoned with majoram, garlic and smal amounts of salt, lightly smoked. It can be served as a cold cut or it can be heated in water, fried, baked or grilled,  tastes great with sauer kraut and Sarepska Mustard. Kielbasa Wiejska is fully cooked, ready to eat as is, needs to be refrigerated.

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Kielbasa the Bomb

I am originally from Pittsburgh I now live in Annapolis md I have had your kielbasa in the past it is money and the bomb I have cooked up and given to friends and your cracovian mustard it is off the chart I will be ordering more in future you people are the bomb


The Kielbasa was excellent


Love this sausage. Whether I'm using it in a dish like red beans or just grilling it like a brat, it's outstanding.

Polish Sausage

This is the best I have tasted since I was a young man. Authentic tasting and meaty, with just the correct amount of seasoning. I want to try others also.


Perfect balance of garlic, marjoram, and pork butt. Delicious. A little salty -- but boiling for 5 minutes before baking did the trick and removed some of the saltiness. The texture is amazing and is authentically olde-world.


Great Great Great Just like my Great Grandmothers!

Smoked Kielbasa

The kielbasa was a little more smoky taste than I expected, very good but want to try your other styles.

Great kolbassi

As a Pittsburgher living in California, I haven't found anything remotely close to the kind of kolbassi that's available in Western PA. The meat I ordered from S&D Polish Deli in the Strip District was just what we needed for our traditional Slovak Christmas Eve meal. The Polish kielbasa is quite tasty, seasoned just right. It's a bit pricey to ship out here, but worth the price once or twice a year.