Apricot Kolaczki-old fashioned cookies, soft flaky dough rolled with apricot filling. A dozen (12 pieces) in a box

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This is the second year that I have ordered these for my Mom, she loves them and a wonderful memory from her childhood

WOW ---These are great!

Love these apricot cookies. Keep making them, please.

great taste

These had great flavor. I bought them for our Christmas Eve dinner as I can't find them locally and I don't have time to make them. Packaging not so good. Lots of broken cookies.

SO Delicious!!!

This is my 5th time buying these. They are perfectly yummy..

These are why i keep coming back!

Simply put.... These are addicting and delicious


A favorite of ours. The problem is that I order them for the holidays and, somehow, they all get eaten before we need them. So, I have to order even more! Enjoy...

Just like Gramma made!

Light, flaky, delicious! Mmmm, gone already!

The Best

These take me back to when my mother was alive. thanks