Apricot Kolaczki-old fashioned cookies, soft flaky dough rolled with apricot filling. A dozen (12 pieces) in a box

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great taste

These had great flavor. I bought them for our Christmas Eve dinner as I can't find them locally and I don't have time to make them. Packaging not so good. Lots of broken cookies.

SO Delicious!!!

This is my 5th time buying these. They are perfectly yummy..

These are why i keep coming back!

Simply put.... These are addicting and delicious


A favorite of ours. The problem is that I order them for the holidays and, somehow, they all get eaten before we need them. So, I have to order even more! Enjoy...

Just like Gramma made!

Light, flaky, delicious! Mmmm, gone already!

The Best

These take me back to when my mother was alive. thanks

May be better than Grandma's

Very tasty! Need larger package as they go very quickly.

true Apricot...like mom's