Kolaczki Nut-old fashioned cookies, soft flaky dough rolled with ground nuts. A dozen (12 pieces) in a box

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These were delicious! The dough was so flakey and light. They tasted fresh and were enjoyed by all.


Outstanding cookies! Highly recommend.

Kolaczki nut cookies


Nut kolaczki

I love these beauties. My only two regrets: I don't live closer to Pittsburg; I lay into them and don't stop, which louses up my blood sugar. To me it's worth it all. Many thanks.

Kolaczki Nut Cookies

I bought these for my Mom and they fantastic. Plenty of filling and the pastry is delicious


Well my mom had made these for years an it was a little this and little that so I have been trying to recreate these not knowing the name BUT these are GREAT. The right richness right amount of nuts Ordering 1 couple doz for Christmas eve dinner


These are very tasty. I am so glad S&D ships so we all can have these great foods from the east coast that we grew up with.

Love these cookies

I haven't had these cookies since I was a kid and my aunt would make them as a special treat at Christmas. They are so good that you can't eat just one!