Exclusive, individually wrapped chocolate pralines. Delicate thin crystal sugar shell filled with pure vodka, covered with silky chocolate

Elegant box - Great for a gift


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Vodka and Chocolate

The best thing is watching someone take a bite. Their eyes open wide and they they plop the other half in their mouth so as not to lose a drop. Every once in a while you might hit one that is empty. :( I'd order these every year but haven't seen them. Are they seasonal?

Worth it

I personally thought the chocolates we're pretty good, but the person I bought them for absolutely loved them. If you know a heavy drinker, it is totally worth it for a gift.

Mixed emotions

It took more than three weeks to receive this package I don't know if it's because they were out of stock or they just forget that I placed the order, but when I received it it was well packaged it was wrapped with an ice pack also cushioned so the chocolate will not melt I am so happy they did that because the temperature here what's 98 Degrees chocolate tastes delicious vodka shoots right in your mouth the sugar crystals give it a more whimsical feel