Pyzy z Serem

Delicious soft potato dumplings, filled with original white farmers cheese. Dough for Pyzy is based on traditional unique recipe, identical to Silesian dumplings and is made with real potato.

Pyzy are usually served with fried onion and/or bacon, they also taste great with gravy, or simply dressed with butter & bread crumbs. Cheese pyzy can be sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon and served as a dessert dish.

Package approx. 1lb



Each container displays the ingredients and the cooking instructions as well as all the dietary information.




Dumpling are packaged for us in Chicago in a sealed styrofoam container. The total weight equals approx. 1 pound.




*All dumpling require cooking.



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Potato Dumplings, cheese filling

My Mom made these when I was a child. I'm so happy I found these makes me feel young again. Thank you. They are delicious!