Apricot Kolaczki-old fashioned cookies, soft flaky dough rolled with apricot filling. A dozen (12 pieces) in a box

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May be better than Grandma's

Very tasty! Need larger package as they go very quickly.

true Apricot...like mom's


Just like Mom made....

The apricot Kolaczki are excellent! filling is just right mix of sweet and tangy, cookie crust is soft yet slightly crisp. Love em.


Just loved them

Just Like I Remember

I sent these to my mom and she said they were just like the ones my Aunt Jeannie used to make for the holidays back in Pittsburgh. I have been looking for these for YEARS.


Tastes delicious. However needs better packatging as they were broken


i would rate these 5 stars if i didn't remember my grandmother's. she catered for polish weddings. but my kids LOVED them at 5 stars. glad i found u

Just like the old days

I didn't have the pleasure the sampling the kolaczkis myself but my grandson, a university students in Cincinnati said they were pretty fantastic. I grew up in Cleveland Ohio where this kind of bakery is abundant. My grandmother was from Poland and my mother was an excellent baker. The kolaczkis brought back memories and I even make a few myself from time to time. Unfortunately, the shipping charges get a little high although I'm sure they're necessary. I do plan to place an order in the near future and I have my eye on the kielbasy sampler. I wish the Polish Deli the very best.