Krowka Fudge

Deliciously sweet and creamy fudge

 25 Individually wrapped candies, a bag of 300g

Polish favorite!

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These cream fudge treats are fiendishly addictive. The taste is great and the contrast between the outer area and the creamier middle is terrific.

Krowka Cream Fudge Candy

My Mom use to buy these for me when I was a child, from Pathmark’s bulk candy section. They were my favorite. I love that they are so soft and fresh tasting. I was so happy to find an online store that sells Krowka many decades later. I ordered one bag just in case the flavor changed or they changed the recipe and it was not as good as how I remembered them to be. I am very happy to say they are exactly as I remember them as a child. I finished the bag so quickly. I couldn’t get enough. I am ordering 3 more packs!! Best Candy Ever!!!

Krowka Cream Fudge

These have always been my favorite. Even as a kid, I loved these candies. Wonderful taste and you get a lot in a package.

Chewy goodness

These light and delicious candies were a big hit at a recent Polish-themed event for employees at my company. Everyone loved them!