Kabanos Semi Dry is one of the most favorite Polish Kielbasa snack products.

In the form of a skinny stick, delicious and flavorful, great for snack or for meat platters.


Sold in packages approximately one pound 

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Kabonas Semi-Dry

Perfect. This makes a great snack, every time I purchase this product I make sure to get some for my younger brother as well, he enjoys this much better than jerky.

Great snack

This was my first time having Kabanos Dry and I will definitely purchase it again. I don't like a lot of stick because the are too greasy, but these were great.

Delicious Snack For Beer

I will buy again and again.


It is second purchase and I like consistency. Tasty and firm. Really dry.Thanks

Tasty dry kabanosy.

Great kabanosy, very close to the taste of the ones I have in Poland. There are many Polish Delis in US selling kabanosy but they are made up to different and inconsistent receipts. Some are not even close in taste to the "real ones". Those I purchased and commenting about are smoked and dry. Gave 4 stars as my preference would be having them even more dry. Strongly recommended.

True Smoky Flavor

Good alone or even better with spicy mustard!


These were absolutely perfect. Will order them again in the future

My family loved them

Excellent product!!