CHRUSCIKI also known as "Angel Wings," and "Bow Ties." Sweet and unbelievably delicate dough, fried to perfect crispiness, sprinkled with powdered sugar. Prepared according to an old fashioned recipe – a secret of our Grandmothers, hand made in our kitchen. Perfect treat to accompany your favorite cup of tea or coffee,  or a glass of milk. Please keep in mind that Chrusciki are extremely difficult to ship, they break and crumble easily. There is no other way to make them more resistant than adding more flour to the dough - which we refuse to do as then Chrusciki would loose their expected delicate texture. Please, keep in mind that WE CAN NOT TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE SHAPE YOU RECEIVE CHRUSCIKI IN and WILL NOT REFUND CHRUSCIKI DUE TO RECEIVING THEM BROKEN. They may be in pieces - but still irresistibly delicious!

Packed in a clear plastic container – makes a perfect gift!

weight: 120g, 4.2 oz.



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Love, Love, Love

My dad was 100% Polish. We just had a celebration of life for him and the Chrusciki was the last Polish food item we needed to complete the feast. The Chrusciki arrived on-time and in good shape. We all loved it. Thank you very much!


Love them!!!!!! I bought them last year! And again this year!!

Kruzciki and Apricot Kolaches

Our 99 year old mom is in a PA nursing home and with the COVID-19, we can’t visit her. Just to let her know that I’m thinking of her being from Florida, I ordered both kruzciki and the Apricot Kolaches to let her know that I’m thinking of her and miss visiting her. I’ve sent them a about six times. She loves them. It is one of her few pleasures that I can give her at this time. She loves them and always glad to receive them. Thank you for getting them to her in a timely manner. Not sure how long she will be with us.


Without a doubt, THE BEST CHRUSCIKI I EVER TESTED !!! Arrived in a few days in good condition,. You don't have to leave your home stay safe. How can you beat the price, go online and get the best cookie ever for 10 bucks.


These were extremely good! Just like my mother used to make!

These were a hit!

I ordered these for my Mom. She is in a memory care home in California. They were delivered to her this morning and she remembered them from years ago when my grandmother use to make them. It triggered a really good memory for her. They arrived in good shape. I am so grateful to have found these for her. Thank you, thank you


arrived in very good shape , only a couple broke in half. bought as a gift and were well recieved and enjoyed.

Polish Bow Ties

Grew up with a large Polish family, from Busias, uncles and Aunts, a gaggleof cousins. It was a fabulous treat during Christmas to gather, for the 12th time per year and fancy authentic, Polish cuisine. Polish bow times were among the treats fetus young cousins. What a joy, these 50 plus years later, I find the Chrusciki from your bakery. They weren’t for me, they were for my 88 yr old Mother who resides in a adult community. Yes, some where broken, but a few, only in half, not crushed. She loved them!