Spicy hot mustard. 8oz. jar

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So glad I found S & D Polish Deli!

I have been trying to find this mustard since I tasted it at a friend's house this past summer. Since it was a gift, she didn't know where it came from, so I was left to search for it online. Luckily, S&D Polish Deli had it available on their website! The flavor is unique and the amount of spice is just right! An excellent product... I will most certainly order more when the time comes!

Cracovia Mustard Hot - Dobra Tesciowa

Very flavorful without a lot of crap in it.

Mustard meets the heat!

Ham, Kielbasa - all so much better with Cracovia Hot Mustard. Must be good, I ordered 6 - family will be getting a treat!!

Best Keilbasa Mustard

I've been using this for many years and disappointed I could not find in for mail order. Glad to now be able to get it.


best mustard ever


Love it