CHRUSCIKI also known as "Angel Wings," and "Bow Ties." Sweet and unbelievably delicate dough, fried to perfect crispiness, sprinkled with powdered sugar. Prepared according to an old fashioned recipe – a secret of our Grandmothers, hand made in our kitchen. Perfect treat to accompany your favorite cup of tea or coffee,  or a glass of milk. Please keep in mind that Chrusciki are extremely difficult to ship, they break and crumble easily. There is no other way to make them more resistant than adding more flour to the dough - which we refuse to do as then Chrusciki would loose their expected delicate texture. Please, keep in mind that WE CAN NOT TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE SHAPE YOU RECEIVE CHRUSCIKI IN and WILL NOT REFUND CHRUSCIKI DUE TO RECEIVING THEM BROKEN. They may be in pieces - but still irresistibly delicious!

Packed in a clear plastic container – makes a perfect gift!

weight: 120g, 4.2 oz.



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Grew up Russian, Hungarian with a splash of Polish thrown in the mix. Had family in and ordered these. OMG What a hit. My grandma made these and they were every bit as good. Everyone agreed. Yes some breakage but really not that much. So light and airy. Don't change a thing.


Ordered 2 boxes & despite some breakage due to shipping, they were delicious! One batch was perfect - just like Babunia used to make. The other was a little overcooked & hard, but still tasty.

Chrusciki for Dad's 91st birthday

This was my first time purchase of Chrusciki online. They were a successful 2-day delivery at half the shipping cost wanted by Chrusciki Bakery. My parents received 3 boxes and finished off a box the first day--light and airy. My mother rarely compliments food gifts I purchase, so when she said these were good I knew I'd nailed it!


was wonderful great ending to our Christmas eve meal


These were heavenly! I've made them for years & now I can order instead!


very very good

Was Worth the Shipping

The angel wings arrived so fresh. These were the best we have ever had.

yummy but small size

Very yummy, but the picture shows a plate full and there were maybe 5/6 (they were broken so it was hard to tell) in the container. Was disappointed with the portion size compared to price and picture.