Online Polish Sausage Package

Package consists of:

4 Links (approximately 3.5lb) of Smoked Polish Regular Kielbasa

4 Links (approximately 4.5lb) of Fresh Polish Sausage


Polish Regular Kilebasy is made according to the traditional recipe. Pork is seasoned with majoram, garlic and small amounts of salt, then lightly smoked. It can be served as a cold cut or  heated in water, fried, baked or grilled.  Sauerkraut and Sarepska Mustard are the perfect accompaniments. Regular Kielbasa is fully cooked, ready to eat as is, but needs to be refrigerated.

Fresh Polish Sausage - requires cooking. Once prepared, it can be served cold or hot, and pairs beautifully with beets and horseradish. Cooking instructions : Take sausage out of the plastic bag, rinse. Place in a pot and cover with warm water. Bring up to boil, lower heat and simmer for about 30 min. Sausage should be greyish white once sliced open.




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great deal

I purchased this product with a groupon. I was a little leary of the prduct description, but when I received it the product was a larger portion than I thought it would be. THis was a great deal for the cost.

Best I've had for a long time

Both smoked and fresh kielbasa have a wonderful taste to them, but the fresh kielbasa was especially flavorful. I purchase the fresh every Easter and Christmas, and it makes me very popular with my family!

Better than a grocery store

I grew up on kielbasy from Polish butcher in Greenpoint Brooklyn. The smoked sausage had a nice crunch to skin and nice large grind. I thought it too smoky. The fresh kielbasy was flavorful with a good grind. My taste buds would have liked a little more garlic. When mom made it at home, she added mustard seeds. I will order this again.