Polish Sausage Sampler consists of:

One package Polish Regular Smoked Kielbasa

One package Smoked Hunter Kielbasa

One package Fresh Polish Sausage 

One package Regualar Kabanos

One package Smoked Dry Kielbas


Polish Regular Kilebasa is made according to the traditional recipe. Pork is seasoned with majoram, garlic and small amounts of salt, then lightly smoked. It can be served as a cold cut or  heated in water, fried, baked or grilled.  Sauerkraut and Sarepska Mustard are the perfect accompaniments. Regular Kielbasa is fully cooked, ready to eat as is, but needs to be refrigerated.

Fresh Polish Sausage - requires cooking. Once prepared, it can be served cold or hot, and pairs beautifully with beets and horseradish. Cooking instructions : Take sausage out of the plastic bag, rinse. Place in a pot and cover with warm water. Bring up to boil, lower heat and simmer for about 30 min. Sausage should be greyish white once sliced open. 

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Excellent, the best I have had since leaving Wilkes-Barre Pa. Can't get this quality and taste in Georgia, will order this again and again.

Very good sausage

This is one of the best sausages that I have had the chance to taste. Very good sausage

Best I ever had



The best around. My wife prefers the smoked while I lean more toward the freash so this package is by far the best for us.

Super Stuff!

I'll most definitely be back - didn't even know they were there - tasted great!


What a difference fresh makes!!! I can't say enough about how delicious the sausage is - I'm thrilled that we still have some left!! When its gone, we'll be headed back to the S&D Polish Deli for more!

Good sausage

The sausage was as good as any I have eaten.And this says a lot since I was born and raised in Buffalo NY in Polish coutry.


have only tasted the fresh sausage, it I is outstanding reminds me of my grandmothers.