Pierogi z Ziemniakami i Bialym Serem

Delicious delicate dough filled with mashed potato and farmer cheese (dry cottage cheese, the old fashioned Twarog cheese). Pierogi of the finest quality, made from the freshest ingredients, acording to traditional Polish recipes.


Each Pierogi container displays the ingredients, cooking instructions as well as all dietary information. 

 For the price of $9.50 you receive a dozen (12 pcs) pierogi. Pierogi are packaged for us in Chicago in a sealed styrofoam container. The total weight of 1 dozen package equals approx. 1 pound.


*All Pierogi require cooking.






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Cooking Instructions 1.Do not thaw Pierogi or Dumplings. 2.Prepare a medium size pot of water, add a teaspoon of salt. For Fruit Pierogi or Sweet Cheese Pierogi ad just a pinch of salt. 3.Bring water to boil. Transfer frozen Pierogi or Dumplings carefully to boiling water, do not try to separate them – they will separate in the process of cooking. Do not stir water during cooking. 4.After adding frozen product water temperature drops. Wait couple minutes until is starts boiling again and Pierogi or Dumplings come up to the top. From this moment count about 4 minutes of cooking on medium heat. 5.Drain with strainer spoon and arrange on a plate. Dress with melted butter and onions or sour cream.
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These pierogis truly are little pillows of heaven... as a person with zero Polish heritage, I am unable to compare these with my own family recipes. However, they are stunning and create the perfect pick-me-up, the perfect bite, and the perfect comfort food for this cancer patient for whom many foods no longer work. Thank you so much!! I will be ordering again.


These pierogis were excellent! The dough was thick enough to hold up under boiling and frying without being doughy. The potatoes and cheese were soft and delicate inside.

Potato and Farmer Cheese Pierogi

Very good and will order again

Potato and Farmer Cheese pierogi

Very good and will order again

Dynamite Perogi's

Excellent Perogi's.......just a couple ingredients missing ! I'm 75 years old and I had to stop making my Mom's Perogi's cause of Arthritis...... Luckily, I found your Deli.......You do have great tasting Perogi's except for NOT having fried onions and tiny bacon bits INSIDE the batter........OH....is that tasty ! ! ! It adds a touch of Old Poland to them.......we also "fry them in butter" after boiling them ! Thank you so much....... and Please try to add these two amazing ingredients to your recipe........ Sincerely, Thom Roslan

Potato & Farmer Cheese Pierogi's

They're "DELICIOUS"......but, may I suggest adding "Bacon Bits" to the INSIDE of the Pierogi..........plus cut up onion bits......my Mom made these this way in Cleveland and we use to sell them from my Mom's kitchen to friends and family for years....They're really delicious ! Just a "tad" bigger too ! Try It ! Once again great food & delivery time !

Better shipping

Your products were very good. My only complaint is I didn't receive this till Thurs. neither product was frozen and was completely thawed. Perhaps you need the use of dry ice to last longer

The Perfect Addition

The Perogi's were really tasty fried in butter. Missing was the bacon bits and fried onion cubes. IF you add these 2 ingredients your Perogi's will be the BEST on both coasts. REALLY ! ! !