Liver Sausage - Pasztetowa - A mild and smooth tasting sandwich spread made with a special blend of seasonings (marjoram and white pepper predominate) gives our pate a very special home made flavor.  Pairs beautifully with horseradish , mustard and/or our favorite jar of pickles.

Sold in a package apr.1.0 - 1.5 lb.                                                                                                                                                      



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Fantastic Flavor!

Absolutely fantastic flavor. I have ordered this before and will continue to order more. Love it on rye bread or firm crackers like triscuit!

Liver Sausage Liver Sausage-Pasztetowa

We love this sausage. Spread it on crackers and have with our favorite cheese and a glass of wine. So nice to relax with or entertain, when we can.

Very Tasty Liver Sausage

We enjoyed this Liver Sausage very much. Spread it on bagel chips and crackers and just popped it in our mouths. Excellent! No aftertaste like some other sausages.

Liver Sausage Delicious

The liver sausage was very good. Very surprised. Sausage was consumed within hours.