Pierogi ze Slodkim Serem

Delicious delicate dough filled with sweetened farmer cheese.  Pierogi of the finest quality, made from the freshest ingredients, acording to traditional Polish recipes.


Each Pierogi container displays the ingredients and the cooking instructions as well as all the dietary information.

Pierogi are packaged for us in Chicago in a sealed styrofoam container. For the price of $9.50 you receive a dozen (12 pcs) pierogi. The total weight of 1 dozen package equals approx. 1 pound.


*All Pierogi require cooking.





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Cooking Instructions 1.Do not thaw Pierogi or Dumplings. 2.Prepare a medium size pot of water, add a teaspoon of salt. For Fruit Pierogi or Sweet Cheese Pierogi ad just a pinch of salt. 3.Bring water to boil. Transfer frozen Pierogi or Dumplings carefully to boiling water, do not try to separate them – they will separate in the process of cooking. Do not stir water during cooking. 4.After adding frozen product water temperature drops. Wait couple minutes until is starts boiling again and Pierogi or Dumplings come up to the top. From this moment count about 4 minutes of cooking on medium heat. 5.Drain with strainer spoon and arrange on a plate. Dress with melted butter and onions or sour cream.
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Pierogi good but not from PA

Hay these are good and this applied to both Farmer Cheese and Plum. The Farmer chees is a little bit sweet and with a little honey tastes like my Grandma from the 1960's and again the plumb the same however if you are looking a PA Pierogi these are not they come from Chicago, ...ordering from Oregon that was a little bit of a letdown.


I could not stop eating these, but I would have preferred a little less sugar. Nice and plump and substantial. Will order more soon.

Sweet cheese pierogi

A sweet yummy treat or addition to a meal. Fluffy real farmers cheese filling. Great!

best pierogis ever!!

These are sweet cheese pierogi, perfect in every way. Not too doughy. Not too sweet. Perfection. I have tried many different brands and these are my absolute favorite. They come close to my mothers.


Just the right dough, so light that the filling and its wonderful flavor come through perfectly!

search no more!!

Plump, delicate sweet treat to have. My next order will mostly be cheese!!!

Not as sweet as expected.

My mother used a lot more sugar in her variety. But frying them up in butter and sprinkling with cinnamon and sugar -- YUM. Only variety that has a tendency to open up while cooking.

Pleasantly surprised!

Delicious! Just like my Babci used to make!