Podgrzybek Bay Bolete - 40g 

Polish Podgrzybek Wild Mushrooms  

Podgrzybek is the most popular among the wild mushroom of Polish forests. They are hand picked in the woods and then dried using the traditional Polish method.  Its aroma enhances soups, stews, sauces, or used as a flavoring in stuffing and appetizers. It is excellent for preparing the old fashioned Wigilia (Christmas Eve supper) mushroom soup. A must in any Polish kitchen, often hanging in long strings around the stove, used for a variety of dishes.

To properely use dried mushroom:

1. Place mushroom in a heat resistant container (preferrably glass)

2. Pour hot water over mushroom until covered

3. Cover the container with a lid, let mushroom soak for about an hour

4. When water cools down remove mushroom from water - do not discard the liguid!

5. Soaked mushroom get soft and easy to slice if necessary. After soaking mushroom has to be cooked at least 10 - 15 min.

6. After removing mushroom let the liquid rest, then carefully pour liquid to a clean container leaving the debris. Use the clean liquid as flavorful base for your mushroom soup or mushroom gravy.

Dried mushroom expand their volume after adding water - 50 grams of dried wild mushrooms reconstitutes into 150 to 200 grams when water is added. (200 grams is approximately 7 ounces)



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Podgrzybek mushrooms

These mushrooms are a must for our Christmas Eve dinner. They make the soup and enable us to maintain our traditions.

Dried mushroom Bay Bolete Podgrzybek

These are essential for making mushroom soup for Christmas Eve dinner